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Pianolas Bought & Sold

Click here for a demo..."Your Feet's too Big" by Fats Waller...!

For Sale. 1927 Monington & Weston Pianola

This one completely restored to the highest standards by Reg Goring

Workshop Manager for Broadwood Pianos in 1994

The cost was £1,665.00 (all bills).

The instrument is unusual in having a transposing Tracker Bar (five semitones). The Instrument has been brought up to concert pitch by David Ponsford, Pianoforte Tuner of Plymouth


Notes: In general …..Player Pianos work from a vacuum generated by the two foot pedals (“exhausters” ….these instruments are known as “pumpers”. However, after WW1 some instruments were automated with an electric drive motor. Curiously this hastened their demise, and for two reasons: 1. the phonograph or gramophone was all the rage at a fraction of the cost, and 2. the interpretation of the roll by the player, through the mechanisms provided, was the whole point of owning one). The vacuum is then fed up to the three/four or five cylinder air motor on the right that drives the roll mechanism, and separately, on the left, to the “stack” (horizontal wooden vacuum tight box, the length of the keyboard and positioned just above it). This contains the 65 or 88 pneumatics that drive the piano key action. Above the stack and connected to it by 88 neoprene, rubber, or lead tubes, is the brass “Tracker Bar”, where the music roll is read. Poor vacuum tightness anywhere and every system in the Player is compromised.

This superb instrument now offered for sale Spring 2020


"Magisches Theater! Eintritt nicht fur jedermann!" Hesse


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