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Books Bought. Books and Paintings Wanted.

Wanted: Paintings by "Anton". a.k.a Terence Anton or Ivor Wilson.

Post Coronavirus, we are looking to purchase books from the following list.
We cannot be firm with our offers until the books are seen and valued.
This is because there are many factors influencing the value of your books, such as: condition, edition, dustwrapper, and if ex-libris.
However, if you tell us what you have we will do our best to assist you.

We are happy to visit within a reasonable travelling distance, should you have more than can reasonably be brought to our shop.

WANTS. Summer 2020 Hopefully. Paperbacks mainly.

This page last updated  May 2020.

The Sanctuary Bookshop. 65 Broad St. Lyme Regis DT7 3QF.

Tel: 01297-445815.
Mail us at:


Ted Allbeury, Allingham, Margery., Asimov, Isaac. Mabel Lucy Attwell, anything.

Austen, Jane.”Persuasion” only.+ any biographical or related non-fiction.

Beano Annuals & Comics (large or small format). No Dandy.

Beardsley. Beryl Cook. Anything: cards, prints, posters, books.

Blyton. “Far Away Tree” only (no Famous Fives or Secret Sevens)..

Blyton. Early Strips…No Noddy.

Angela Brazil. Brent-Dyer. All

Buchan, John. All. Buckeridge. All Jennings.

Bunter, Billie. All.

Bunty Annuals & Debbie, Mandy, Sally, Trixie..Blue Jeans, Jackie, June, + any Picture Story Library (small format).All girl annuals

“Commando” (Pictorial War Booklets). In quantity. (+ anything “military” similar).

Christie, Agatha. Pb job lots pls. Clarke, Arthur C.

Girls Comics….all. Please quote w.h.y.
Coelho, Paolo. All.

Commando Mags

Creasy: crime pbs or hbs.

Crompton. All Just William.

Dibdin, Michael (Aurelio Zen novels).

Du Maurier. All.

Ende, Michael. All, especially Momo titles

Fowles, John. “French Lieutenant’s Woman”. “Magus” only. +  non fiction (hbs).

Frazer, George McDonald. All “Flashman” etc.

George & Lynne Comic Strip books. All.

Green crime penguins. All. (but not “True Crime”).

Grey, Zane. Heinlein, Robert A. all.

Heyer, Georgette.

Johns, W.E. Biggles etc..all.

Huxley…all family members..except Elsbeth.

Keating H R F. Inspector Ghote.

Kerouak, Jack. Any. Any “Beat” poets…e.g., Ginsberg.

Lawrence of Arabia (T.E.Lawrence). Any HB or PB.

Lyme Regis: Anything.

Mad Comic Books. Mr. Men Books (all).

Murakami. Haruki. All. (+ any other Japanese novelists).

Mabey, Richard. Anything hb or pb.

Morpugo, Michael.

O’Brian, Patrick. All.

Observer Books (12, 19, 20, 23, 33, 37-43 and all numbers above 37, pls).

Oxenham. All.

Powys Brothers. Pratchett, Terry. All. Pbs or Hbs.

Proust. Any.

Pulp Fiction: In quantity: Analog, Ellery Queen, New Worlds…etc etc…

Ransome, Arthur. Any

Sabatini. Shute, Neville. All

Seymour, John. Anything (self-sufficiency author).

Sci-Fi Pulp Fiction books and mags

Simenon pbs.

Stapledon, Olaf
Tey, Josephine. Crime. Thelwell. All

Upfield, Arthur. All.

Vonnegut, All.

Wells, H G. pbs only..

Oscar Wilde.

Henry Williamson.

Wodehouse. All.

Wyndham, J. PBs & HB’s.


The Life of George & Lynne. Pb. Sun Newspaper.

George & Lynne '89. Pb. The Sun Newspaper.

Beryl Cook: ephemera, calendars, posters,

Erte catalogues, books, ephemera, signed.

French Lieutenant's Woman. Anything related

Geology, South West UK. Dorset, Devon etc.

Hundertwasser catalogues, books, ephemera, signed.

Lyme Regis & surrounds. maps, prints, photos

Pbs: Job lots: Allbeury, Allingham, Ant & Bee, Atheism, Attwell, Austen, Angela Banner, Betjeman, Biggles, Brent-Dyer, Buchan, Castenada, Charteris, Cheyney, Conrad, Commando War Booklets or similar, Creasey, anything Darwin, Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Gor, Graphic Novels, Grayling, Gypsy & Romany, Hardy, Hesse, Heyer, Ted Hughes, Japanese authors in pb, Kerouak, John Norman, Manga Comics, Marquez, Miyazaki, Orwell, O'Brien, Orwell, Brian Patten, Peanuts, Penguin Green Crime, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Penguin Crime, Pirsig, Sylvia Plath, Ayn Rand, Ransome, Shute, Simenon, John Symonds, Hunter Thompson, Arthur Upfield, Uttley, Wodehouse, John Wyndham.

Total only of each, price pp incl, no need of titles.

Girls comic fiction:

Blue Rosette, Boyfriend, Cherie, Confessions Picture Library,

Famous Romance Picture Library, Go Girl, Golden Hearts, Jackie, June, Love and Life and Romance, Love Story, Marilyn, Marty, Mates, Melanie, Mirabelle, Pink, Princess Tina, Romeo, Roxy, Sally, School Friend,  Serenade, Silver Moon, Space Ace, Spellbound, Star Love Stories, True Life, Valentine. Valentine Picture Library.

Girls Comics and Annuals in general….

Vynil records: 78’s, Ep’s, Lp’s. eg. Jazz, Blues, Dixieland, Banjo, Unusual…etc etc (regret, no classical please).

Any specialist single topic collections (e.g., reference, technical,  philosophy, military, religion, medal collections, stamps, postcards, curiosa…..…pls offer anything you suspect of interest).

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